Portfolio > "Bits of Mercy" Project

Yarn bombing using scarves knitted by Mercy Oses (started 2011).

'Bits of Mercy' began with the knitted scarves of a beautiful lady named Mercy Oses. Mercy is a resident of Hartford CT and her life has been transformed by Alzheimer's. Part of her daily 'work' was constant knitting. The work of her hands comforted her with their rhythm of something she recognized and loved.

Her son Rafael donated many of her scarves to my Art in Community class and we decided to bring Mercy's beauty beyond the walls of our school. So my students embroidered positive messages across the knitted surfaces, and every time we went out on a field trip, one 'Bits of Mercy' yarn tag came with us.

I have also used Mercy's scarves in my own installation work ("I'm Knitting Green", "Self Storage" and other smaller works). I am moved with emotion every time I hold or display them.

Here is a visual documentation of our yarn bombs and my artwork, carrying Mercy's beautiful energy into the world.